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About Us

Be a Cowpoke for a Day (or more!)

Did you know we’re open year-round?!

Located on the Wild West Side of the beautiful Prince Albert National Park, Sturgeon River Ranch is a place where work and play are combined into an incredible horseback riding adventure you’ll remember for years to come.

Saddle up and head into Prince Albert National Park to view Canada's only free ranging herd of wild Plains bison, still roaming within their historic habitat. You may also encounter elk, moose, deer, wolves, bear and the countless species of birds and waterfowl that inhabit this beautiful transition ecoregion. Unleash your adventurous self on one of our exciting guided multi-day outback horseback trips. Or stay in the comforts of the ranch house. We have a package for you!

If you are already staying with one of our wonderful partners in and around Prince Albert National Park, we also offer day trips on the wild west side (from the Ranch).

It’s about genuine experiences and authentic horseback riding when you meet the dedicated team of horse lovers at Sturgeon River Ranch, bordering the “wild west” side of Prince Albert National Park.

The ranch has been hosting guests since 2007 and has been featured Internationally and Nationally in the media as a true and unmissable authentic Canadian experience to add to YOUR bucket list. We have riding packages, horses and options for everyone!

Sturgeon River Ranch Adventure Snapshots

Summer Adventures

Horseback Bison Tours

Ride out from the ranch in the beautiful Sturgeon River Valley, into the wild west side of the PA National Park, home of Canada's only free ranging herd of Plains Bison, living in their historic habitat. And hopefully we’ll get to see some!

Pack a snack in your saddle bag and enjoy it at the halfway point, as we pause for a quick break, and to fully embrace the natural splendor of northern Saskatchewan.

Backcountry Overnight
Horseback Adventure

From May to September saddle up and head through the Prince Albert National Park into the Saskatchewan outback on a guided horse-riding adventure of a lifetime.

Set up camp on a remote lake in the Boreal Forest where you can catch your supper and cook it over the open flames of your campfire.

Horse-Drawn Wagon Rides

Experience the wild west side of the Prince Albert National Park from the comfort of our fantastic horse-drawn wagon! You can also add saddled horses, so people can switch from horse to wagon throughout the ride. This works great for larger groups, and for people that are hesitant to ride a full day.

Ranch House Room Rentals

With all the amenities of home you can rest your legs at the end of the day and tell stories around the campfire.

Campsite Rentals

Powered camp sites available for independent campers.

Camper Trailer Rentals

Powered camper trailers available for independent campers that prefer not to tent.

Winter Adventures

1-Hour Winter Horseback Rides

From November 1st to April 30th join us this winter for a comfortably compact and incredibly scenic winter ride in northern Saskatchewan on the west side of the Prince Albert National Park.

Snow Bug Bison Tours

Sturgeon River Ranch is thrilled to announce a brand new winter adventure!!

From December through April (depending on snow conditions), join us on a 4-hour excursion to observe Saskatchewan’s only free-ranging herd of wild Plains Bison in their winter habitat.


Probably one of my best travel experiences! We went to Sturgeon River Ranch for a 3 day trip and stayed there for 4 days. The welcome was perfect, the nature is magnificent and John takes incredible care in welcoming his guests. From the attention paid to the choice of horses, to the joy of showing us the national park and the surroundings of the ranch, everything was perfect!... (Read the full review on Google)

Marianne M.

This was hands down the most exceptional horseback riding experience I've ever had, and believe me, I've ridden horses all over the world. The trails they offer are truly mesmerizing, taking you through some of the most stunning landscapes imaginable. You'll find yourself surrounded by serenity, immersed in the tranquil embrace of lush nature, while encountering an abundance of incredible wildlife such as deer, bears, bison, and more... (Read the full review on Google)

Tymeka Z.

Such an incredible experience! Myself and a girlfriend took our two horse loving daughters to Sturgeon River ranch for the trail ride and backcountry camping adventure, and it was nothing short of magical. Riding horseback through the National Park, getting to experience the incredible landscape and wildlife was so breathtaking. The camp is situated on a beautiful lake, sitting fireside, watching the sun go down and having the horses wander free around you was beautiful... (Read the full review on Google)

Amber P.

A Few of our Valued Team Members

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the booking process work?

Great question!! We want to set you up for success, and to have the best possible experience with us, so we ask that you take a few minutes to go through this simple checklist:

  1. First, review the Full Adventure Details page, to get detailed information about the different types of adventures we offer.

  1. Once you’ve selected your Adventure, you’ll fill out the Adventure Inquiry Form, letting us know a few details about you, your group, and which dates you’re interested in.

  2. We’ll get back to you within 48 hours to confirm the dates and details of your booking, as well as let you know the deposit amount. There might be a little bit of back and forth as we work out the details, but generally it’s a pretty quick process.

  3. You'll send a non-refundable deposit in an e-transfer to, and be sure to include, the name of the person on the inquiry form, the email address used to inquire, and the date of your adventure (this is to make sure we assign this payment to the correct adventure booking).

  1. Watch our Safety Video and review and submit a completed copy of the Liability Release Form.

  2. Then you’ll patiently wait for the day to come when you drive up to us and enjoy an awesome time with our lovely horses or our super fun Snow Bug, our fantastic guides, and take in the natural splendor of the west side of the Prince Albert National Park.

  3. The day arrives! You'll be packed, prepared, informed, super pumped and ready to go for your adventure. Plan to depart your house with the aim to ARRIVE at the Ranch by 10:30 am.

  1. Please shoot us a text to confirm when you’re departing your house (306-900-9601), and where you’re coming from. This helps us monitor your travel time so that we know you’ve potentially taken a wrong turn, or have even gotten a bit lost. This also helps us confirm when we should get the horses out of the pasture and saddled up, which minimizes how long the horses are left standing at the tie rail.

How do I get to Sturgeon River Ranch?

Please check out the Directions link below.

When should I arrive for my ride?

Our 1-Hour Winter Rides and Horseback Bison Tours depart at 11am, unless custom arrangements have been made. We encourage guests to arrive at the ranch no later than 10:30 am. This will allow for time to get you sorted, meet your guides, receive a riding demonstration, and be on your horse by the scheduled ride time. For our Backcountry Overnight Horseback Adventures we recommend you arrive by 9:30 am.

What is the minimum age and maximum weight for a rider?

We do not have minimum age for children to ride at the ranch. All children have to be supervised by their parents at all times. We do not allow for more than one person per horse, meaning children will be riding their own experienced “kids” horse. Our horses and guides are excellent at building the confidence of young riders. If necessary, we will have a guide lead the horse of a nervous child until the child feels comfortable steering on their own. For our Trail rides into the Park children under the age of 14 should be accompanied by an adult on the ride.Please note - maximum rider weight is 250 pounds, (arrangements can be made for heavier riders in advance) please be honest and inform us so we can choose the best fitting horse for your ride.

Do I need to book ahead of time?

Yes. Please book in advance. The earlier you book the more date options you will have and the better we can plan ahead.

What information will I need for booking?

In order to book a ride we will require your name, phone number, and number of people in your group. For all rentals, riding trips, and full day rides we require a 50% non-refundable deposit to hold your reservation. We will also require the age, height, weight, and riding level of all riders in your group. This will allow us to pick the perfect horse for each rider. Please complete the Adventure Inquiry Form.

Do you provide helmets?

Yes. While we HIGHLY recommend wearing a helmet when riding a horse. While amazing and wonderful, horses are nonetheless animals, and safety is our TOP priority. You only get one brain after all. If you have your own personal helmet, bring it along, otherwise we do have helmets to lend.

How can I pay?

E-transer to is the preferred method of payment, please include your name, date of booking, and number of riders in your group to make sure your payment is attached to the correct booking. We can accept credit cards or debit for a 3% fee .For international guests, we can provide an invoice to pay online for a 3% fee. All balances are to be paid anytime before your arrival, unless you are paying the balance in cash. Keep in mind, we might not have exact change at the ranch.

How can I cancel or reschedule my ride?

A lot of preparation goes into our scheduling process, so that our busy season goes as smoothly as it can. And two critical aspects of this process are, ensuring all of our guests (including you!) have the best possible experience, and all of our horses have plenty of time to rest in-between rides.

So while we do try to accommodate all rescheduling requests, we have to navigate the inevitable disruptions they cause, and sometimes it just isn’t possible. Due to their complexity, Backcountry Overnight Horseback Adventures are much harder to reschedule, but we will of course always do our best.

In the instances when we are able to reschedule a ride to an alternate date (this is especially easier outside of June, July, August), we require a 10% rescheduling fee, and the full trip cost needs to be paid up front at the time of rescheduling.

Please keep this in mind when confirming your booking with us, and give us as much notice as possible if you think you need to reschedule. Please call our office if you need to cancel or reschedule. 1 306-900-9601

Do you have accommodations on site?

Yes! We have three bedrooms available to rent. See the Full Adventure Details page for more information. But very quickly, we have:

  • A queen bed with a single bunk above

  • A king bed

  • A single over double bunk bed, plus another double bed

What’s the bathroom situation?

Yep, tiz a very human question. We offer our day riders and overnight guests access to a fully-equipped washroom in the lodge. Please note, this washroom is shared with onsite staff and guests.

What should I wear?

Excellent question. Please take heed of the following:

  • Long pants MUST be worn for riding. NO SHORTS OR SKIRTS. We cannot express enough how much you will regret it if you try to ride a horse in shorts, a skirt, or a skort. We recommend comfortable jeans, as they're resistant to riding up your leg.

  • Comfortable boots or firm body'd shoes that have a small heel are the safest for riding. No high heels or fancy shoes that you don't want to get dirty. We WILL NOT allow anyone to ride in sandals/crocs or open toed shoes of any kind. Zero exceptions.

  • Sunglasses

  • A waterproof jacket/raincoat (in the summer) should be brought with you just in case. These can be tied onto the saddle when not being worn. No ponchos, please; too flappy and restrict your movements.

  • If it's winter, obviously wear warm winter outerwear. Saskatchewan's winter is no joke.

  • A bottle of water and small camera fit nicely into the saddle bags on our saddles.

  • Sunscreen and insect repellent are very important to bring along on for your ride.

Will our horses go faster than a walk?

Our rides primarily travel at a walk. Whether or not you will go any faster than a walk is up to the discretion of the guide leading the ride.

This decision will be based on the level of riding experience and confidence of the riders, as well as the footing conditions for the safety of the horses.

We will never take off at a faster speed without first confirming with the group.

Safety & Liability


👈 Be sure to watch our Safety Video.

And before you arrive for an epic adventure with us, please complete and submit 👇our Liability Release Form.


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Northern Woods & Water Highway

From Winnipeg through northern Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and down to the West Coast

Western Canada's Holiday Highway

Want to learn more about the sturgeon river plains bison herd ?

The Sturgeon River herd is one of the few populations of free ranging plains bison that exists within its historic range in Canada .

Plains bison are ecosystem engineers and a keystone species in Prince Albert National Park. Bison shape the landscape in ways that help other plants and animals, ranging from insects and birds to bears and other ungulates.

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